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Buying Glasses
Is a Ripoff

See the reality of eyeglasses because you don’t stand a chance as a consumer

Don't Believe Me? Listen to them 🔼

Luxottica has a monopoly in FramesLensesRetail

The eyeglass industry is consumed by Luxottica acting as a monopoly. This means consumers are overpaying for eyeglasses and have limited options for good quality products.

Luxottica has a dominating hold on which eyeglass frames are available in most retail stores. They manufacture and control distribution for more than 30 brands.

Luxottica the world’s largest frame manufacturer, acquired Essilor, the world’s largest lens manufacturer.

Unknown to you, each of those opticals are owned by Luxottica. You are shopping from the same company through multiple different stores pretending to compete with each other.

Designer glasses are marked up by


Brands controlled by Luxottica

It's time to break the cartel

I know a place where you can get 3 pairs for the price of 1

Their 3 for 1 model is core to standing up for what we believe in. Forget the days where you’re stuck with settling for one pair of overpriced glasses to wear every day. Now you have a choice!

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3 for 1 glasses

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